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This organization chart shows the international aspect of this organization. ACF of Cameroon is nonpolitical, itincludes several denominations, and is non profit-making; it is funded on the voluntary action. And is made up of headquarters, of groups, with partners such as other associations, churches, and individual members.

DIRECTOR BOARD: The association is ruled by a director office containing the members of the executive board, the regional and departmental administrators. They have been selected by the president to work for a period of 03 years that board is renewed after 03 years. The outgoing members can be reelected. In case of vacancy during a mandate, the temporal administrator nominated achieves the mandate of the one he replaces. The dismissal of the administrator cannot take place during the mandate for an impartial reason.

THE EXECUTIVE BOARD: The executive board is made up of:
•    A president
•    A vice president
•    A general secretary
•    An assistant secretary. If necessary
•    A national  coordinator
•    A treasurer
•    An external auditor
•    Two special consultants

The executive board has all the power to manage the association. The executive board has the competence to decide if the association can affiliate with other federations. The moral persons are represented by their legal representatives on duty. The mandate of the members of the executive board is executed without payment. Nevertheless any justified spending made by a member will be reimbursed to him. The executive board gathers at least twice per month or when summoned by the president whenever the interest of the association is involved. Any member, who will have four non justified absences, will be considered as a resigning person.

Board X, Y … (SECTIONS) the different sections (boards) can be created in all the regions where at least ten members of the association are represented, with the approval of the executive board. To be considered as a section, it takes to:
•    Demonstrate it capacity to organize, and follow the principal activities of the Act and Faith Association.
•    Have at least ten individual members
•    Present the engagement and the plan of action to the executive board for approval.
•    Be registered as a section at the executive board. Every national board coordinates the action of all the sections attached to her.

The national boards have the task to realize the goal of the association at the national level, to coordinate the work of the different sections, the groups the members and the sensitization of the public on the actionsof the association. The national bureau is the regional expression of the association. The national bureaus must also conceive their activities in a way that will facilitate fellowship between Christians. They are called to encourage a great number of Christians to work together for the body of Christ to be united, for the development of the Gospel, and the social well-being.

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