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Declaration of Faith

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1.    OF THE TRINITARIAN GOD we believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The maker of all things, an endless, everlasting, all mighty God, who deserves to be trusted, he deserves our love, obedience, praise, and adoration. ( Gen1 and 17; Matt28:19; 2Cor13:13; Eph4:4-6)

2.    OF THE BIBLE we believe that the Bible is the word of God and also that it has been written without any mistake in the original version, it is a specific revelation, the only authority in term of faith and life. (2Tim3:16)

3.    OF MAN we believe that man created at the image of God down failed, has been separated from God, and the consequence is that the whole mankind embroiled in the downfall, is still under the domination of satan in rebellion and corruption. (Gen1 and 3, Rom3:9-19)

4.    OF SALVATION we believe that the justification and the salvation of man happen   through the only grace of Jesus Christ and that they are obtained only through repentance and faith in him. We believe that every human being must repent of his sins, accept the work of redemption of Christ and unite himself to him by faith in order to be saved. That union produces justification, regeneration and sanctification. And without these elements no one shall see the Lord. (Gen 1 and 17; Matt28: 19; 2Cor13: 13; Eph4:4-6).

5.    OF THE FATHER We believe that God the father is the author of the of his eternal plan, that he reveals himself in a general manner in his creation and that he governs by his council according to his wisdom .(Ps19: 2-4; Rom1: 20; Rev4:11).

6.    OF JESUS CHRIST we believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and in his eternal pre-existence. He came in the flesh born of the Virgin Mary. We believe that he is perfect sinless humanity, in his teachings, and in his miracles, in his expiatory and redemptive death in his resurrection and physical ascension. (Matt: 18-25; Jn1: 1-18; Rom3: 25; 14: 9; Heb1: 2-6). We believe in his actual ministry of chief priest since he is seated beside the Father as a mediator. Man can only be saved by Jesus Christ and it is through his only name that Christians must pray (Act4:12; 1Tim2:5; Heb8: 1-2). We believe in his personal return we believe that he is comingin the glory to judge and to rule. (Mt24: 30; Act1: 11; 17: 31; 1Pe4: 5; Ap22: 12).

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