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The Association's origin

At this time where globalization is the center of all activities, we face many changes and great challenges in our societies. The human knowledge has known a lot of advancement and at the same time, iniquity increased. The Church, community of Christians, <<the light of the world and the salt of the earth>> (Matt5:13-16), must do something in order to face all these problems and challenges. The church must take concrete actions and bring an answer to those who are still living in darkness,who have their ways and thought darkened because they are slaves of sin.

The church of God must show the way to her community and to the whole nation. The church is called more than ever to take concrete actions in order to eradicate problems in the society; the church must come out of the inertia in which she has been this while, because of the fear to face the spiritual, moral, sanitary, educational, social, political, economic, environmental challenges. This situation put the Church in a <<total mess>> and permitted to the enemy (Satan) to have a certain control on our souls, resources, belongings, our nations, and to have more dominion over the world.

The plan of God has therefore been frustrated, delayed, meanwhile the Bible declares that God the creator of the universe has the answer to every problem (Marc9:23). So it is important for every human being to turn to God in order to have a solution to the actual problems of our generations and the ones to come. Due to all these shortcomings, of the Church toward the mind of Christ, in 2006 the Lord through his illustrious servant Rev. Dany BAVOUA initiated from the top of his throne, this non-denominational Christian association named <<CHRISTIAN ACT and FAITH ASSOCIATION>>. He gave him the responsibility of this association that announces the end of time. 

The aim is to contribute to the revival of the Gospel through the nations, to be like a platform where Christians all over the world can gather in other to prepare the Church for the end of time, for the coming of Christ, that Church without spot or wrinkles. There is a lot of scientific progress, in our society so the Christian must be an example through his life, his actions, words, in his community, nation, despite the environment that is hostile to holiness, to the Christian values. This reality hinders many Christians to express their faith publicly, and to feel relaxed in their Christian life.

The Church has known a lot of divisions related to the selfishness, cupidity, pride, and the research of the human popularity by the different Church leaders. Causing the loss of many souls, and putting the interest of the Lord (to see his kingdom extended to the whole world Matt6:10) behind. This division of the Body of Christ weakened the work of evangelization, and the prophetic voice in the nations.

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(+237) 699 66 71 34

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