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Let us take action filled with God's love                                  For any informations call us at +237 699 66 71 34

Speech of leader of the association

Welcome to the web site of the  Act and Christian Faith Association (ACF).

My wife Jeanne D’Arc and I invite you to go through this website and discover the vision and the actions of this association.

The aim of the association is to give the testimony of Christ all over the world, ‘’through action and word’’; the association works in order to share the Gospel, and relieve the human suffering according to the biblical recommendations. It has a global vision of the human being, and wants to present the entire message of the Gospel on the Cameroonian territory and all over the world. It also wants to consider the physical, material, and spiritual need of people following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts10:38). The association’s goal is to:

1.    Present the full Gospel by preaching and through the actions that are relatedto the Gospel. (James 2:17-18)

2.    Fight against poverty, analphabetism, famine and illness according to the biblical recommendations.

3.    Work for the unity of the Church of God (John17).

The different means that have been described upper are not exhaustive.

The ACF Association’s President.
Dany Bavoua


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Cameroon - Yaounde
Tsinga, PO Box  :14687

(+237) 699 66 71 34

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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