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Phil 4:13, Habakkuk 2: 1-4 “I have the strength to face all condition by the power that Christ gives me… I will climb my watchtower and wait to see what the lord will tell me to say and what answer he will give to my complain. The Lord gave me this answer: write down clearly on clay tablets what I reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. Put it in writing because it is not yet time for it to come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it, it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed. And this is the message: those who are evil will not survive, but those who are righteous will live because they are faithful to God.” (Good News Bible translation)   Hello to all! These passages we just read are instructions of the Holy Spirit revealed by these writings from Apostle Paul and from the prophet Habakkuk, to motivate us to accept the eternal intentions of God for us who are projects of peace and not of misfortune. These intentions are larger than our most prolific imagination, larger than us, our family, our small person, than our natural capacities and gifts, than our intelligence, than our background, than our past of defeat and failure… God will use us to carry out his eternal intentions, to materialize his vision through us. In any vision which emanates from God, it is initially about God and not us, although its materialization depends more on our good provision than of God, because as regards to God he wants to see us succeeding!  In other words God should be in the center of any vision, of any project which we undertake; we must initially search his glory in any thing. We will see for the continuation what is the divine vision, what does it implies and what we must do for his realization in spite of the tests, the adversity and the opposition. THE VISION
  • ThevisionItisanideal,amodelonwhichwecopyourway of thinkingandto live
  • Itistheforcewhichreinventsandtransformsourfuture
  • Itisamentalimagereceived fromtheLordin keeping withourdestiny,withtheplanofGodforourlifewhichcatalysesus,motivatesus,inspirestous,helpuskeephopeinthemomentsoftestsandturbulence(thecaseofJosephinEgyptasslave… “Itoldyouthesethings,so thatyouhavepeaceinme.Youwill havetribulationsintheworld;buttakecourage,Ihaveovercometheworld.(John33)”)
  • Itisaproject(business,employment,travel,academy,professional,ministry,)whichhasthepowerto transform,to changeyourstoryradically. “BecauseitisneitherfromtheEast,neitherfrom theWest,norfromthedesert, that raises comes.ButGodisthatwhichjudges:Helowersone,andheraisestheother. (Psalms75.7-8)”
  • Itisaprophecy,arevelationanditsachievementwill propelyouon anotherlevelofsizewith
What causes the discouragement and the relaxation as for the continuation of the realization of the divine vision.
  • MucharestillignorantoftheplansofGodandtheintentionsofGodfortheirlife.“Mypeopleperish,becausethey lackknowledge.Sinceyourejectedknowledge,Iwill rejectyou,andyouwill be strippedofmypriesthood;sinceyouforgotthelawofyourGod,Iwill forgetalsoyourchildren.(Osea6)”
  • Muchare afraidbecauseoppressed,threatenedbythedevilanditsagentsspiritually,sometimesevenphysically
  • Muchengageintheministrysometimeswithouttruerepentanceandatruedeliverance,whichmakes it easy forthedevilto afflictthem,to manipulatethem,to opposewitheagernesstothematerializationof theplanofGod andhisblessingsso thatthey feel discouragedandgive uptheLordto serveMuch are discouragedbecause of malicious gossip,oftheglanceandtheopinionoftheothers,whichdestroytheirmotivationandtheirgood will.
  • Manyare demotivatedbecause oftestsandthetribulationswithwhichtheycope(disease,rejection,poverty,lack,limitations,desert,unaccomplishedpromises,delay….)
  • Somelosttheirzeal,theirdetermination,and theirloveto servetheLord. “ButwhatIhaveagainstyou,itisthatyougave upyour love. (Apocalypse4)…Iknowyourworks.Iknowthatyouareneithercoldnorboiling.Canyoubecoldorboiling!Thus,becauseyouaretepid,andthatyouareneithercoldnorboiling,Iwill vomityou outofmymouth. (Apocalypse3.15-16)”
You should allow nothing, nor nobody to kill your vision! Because any authentic vision coming from God will be always fought and sometimes misunderstood, When God appeared to you, you were alone like Paul, on the way to Damascus, to receive the vision.  Why would you expect in return that the others believe in you and always understand you? Since the revelation is much more subjective than objective. “It is necessary to believe in the authority of God rather than in the majority of men since with God we have the majority”. “That will we then say with regard to these things? If God is for us, who will be against us? (Romans 8.31)… If I forget you, Jerusalem, that my line forgets me! (Psalms 137.5)”
  • Because youarespecialandsingleinyourkind
  • Becauseyoucan doallbyChristwhostrengthensyou.“Ican doallbythatwhichstrengthensme…Jesustellshim:Ifyoucan! …  Allispossiblewith he whobelieves. (Mark23)”
What to do to get there?
  1. 1. Motivate ourselves, with power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. “So that it gives you, according to the wealth of its glory, to be strengthened by its Spirit in the interior man… But, withthat which can make, by the power which acts in us, infinitely beyondall that we ask or think (Ephesians 16, 20)… In the same way also the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses, because we do not know what it is advisable for us to ask in our prayers. But the Spirit itself intercedes by inexpressible sighs; (Romans 8.26)… Strengthen yourself and take courage, because it is you that will put these people in possession of the country, which I swore to their fathers to give them. Only strengthen yourself and have good courage, while acting accurately according to all the laws, prescribed by my servant to you; diverts you neither on the right nor on the left, in order to succeed in all that you will undertake. (Joshua 1.6-7)”
  2. 2.Remove the spiritual and physical obstacles toyour vision by the prayer, to revoke the decrees, the diabolic ordinances which are opposed with eagerness to your vision by the blood of Jesus-Christ and prophetic declarations. “In the morning, while turning over to the city, He was hungry.  Seeing a fig tree on the way, He approached some; but it found only leaves there, and He told the tree: Never will you bear fruits anymore! And at the moment the fig tree dried. The disciples, who saw that, were astonished, and said: How this fig tree did become dry in one moment?  Jesus answered them: I tell you in truth, if you have faith and that you do not doubt, not only you would make what was made with this fig tree, but when you would say to this mountain: Leave from there and throw yourself in the sea, that would be done.  All that you will ask with faith by the prayer, you will receive it. (Mathew 21...18-22)… He answered: Any plant that was not plant by my celestial Father will be uprooted. (Mathew 13)… He deleted the act whose ordinances condemned us and who remained against us, and He destroyed it by nailing him on the cross; He stripped the dominations and the authorities, and publicly delivered them as a show, while triumphing over them by the cross. (Colossians 2.14-15)”
  3. 3.RememberandproclaimthepromisesofGod,hisblessingsinyourlife.
“I am for all my people an object of mocking remark, each day the object of their songs. He satisfied my bitterness, He made me drunken wormwood.  He broke my teeth with stones, He covered me with ash. You removed my peace; I do not know any more happiness.  And I said: My force is lost; I do not have anymore hope in the Eternal! When I think of my distress and my misery, the wormwood and the poison; when my heart remembers it, it is cut down with the inside of me. Here what I want to pass by again in my heart, which will give me hope.  Kindness of the Eternal are not exhausted, His compassion is not in over; it is renewed each morning. Oh! How your fidelity is large!  The Eternal is my division, says my heart; this is why I want to hope in him. The Eternal has kindness for those that hope in him, for the heart which seeks it.  It is good to expect in silence the help of the Eternal. (Lamentations 3.14-26)”
  1. 4.Continue to advance by faith. “Because we walk by the faith and not by the sight,(2corinthians 7)… without faith it is impossible of him to be pleasant; because it is necessary that he who approaches God believes that God exists, and that He is the remunerator for those who seek Him. (Hebrews 11.6)”At the end of this message, I once more invite you to allow nothing, nor nobody to kill your vision, even not the devil and his agents because with God you have the majority and are more than victorious! Do not be afraid, take courage it does not matter the difficulties and the circumstances which you cross, the Eternal to which you belong is taller than these challenges and the work which He began in you, He will surely lead it to perfection. The Lord is more than faithful and always keeps his promises. You can do it! You must arrive there! You must believe in Him with all your heart more than whom so ever. “Lets come together with a sincere heart, in the plenitude of faith, the purified hearts of a guilty conscience, and the washed body of pure water.  Firmly let us retain the profession of our hope, because He who made the promise is faithful. (Hebrews 10 .22-23)… thus do not give up your insurance, to which a great remuneration is attached. Because you need perseverance, so that after having achieved the will of God, you obtain what is promised to you. (Hebrews 10.35-36)” As Paul, I proclaim in your lives: “You can do all by Christ who strengthens you” May the Lord blesses you of all the blessings of the sky and the ground, that He grants his grace and His prosperity in this season to you.
  Prayer topics: - Confess your sins, gives up all ways of the evil, require of the invaluable blood of Jesus-Christ to purify you of all iniquities according to 1 John 1.9. - Invite the Lord Jesus-Christ in your heart and your life as your Lord and your personal Savior by a prayer of faith, by doing it you will receive the invaluable donation of the eternal life by his Holy Ghost which will remain from now on in you. - Request, in an enthusiastic and persevering way, so that the Lord reveals you his vision for your life if you never received it or you received it partly. - Observe and puts into practice the 4 points of the message to manage to carry out its vision - Inspire yourself with the message in other issues by prayer and requests according to however the Holy Spirit directs you

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